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Instructional Design

Instructional design would not be what it is today without the integration of great visuals. On this site, I want to explore  how visuals impact and enhance learning and how they can improve learning retention in adult learners. This site will also give instructional designers some insight when it comes to incorporating visuals in their learning presentations.

Program Modules

The Importance of Visuals

Since the beginning of instructional design, visuals have played a crucial role. Even to the point that people confuse instructional design with visual design.

Elements and Principles of Design

A crash course in design theory covering the basics of art and layout.

Color Theory Basics

A crash course in color theory and the importance of using it properly.

Accessibility in Design

This lesson covers the importance of using visuals and colors that are accessible by all. This will also describe ways to make your work more accessible in general.

Visual Resources

This lesson will share lots of great places to get free visuals, create color schemes, check accessibility, and more.

Visual Creation Tools

Can't find the visual you need? Maybe it's time to make it yourself. While not everyone is a graphic designer, there are some tools available to help you make your own images.

Putting it All Together: Slides

This lesson describes the best practices when it comes to making slide presentations. The student will also create their own presentation.

Putting it All Together: Video

Covering best practices when it comes to video creation. The student will create their own video presentation with voice over.

Our Mission

To help Instructional Designers level up their graphic design skills. We know that sometimes IDs are called upon to wear all the hats, and in some cases they do more than just develop the learning, they also have to dig up the content, and create the presentation or delivery vehicle as well. That's where this course comes in. We are giving you foundational guidance in best practices in using visuals with your instructional design.

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